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How To Make Your Website Work For You

For small businesses, a good website is so important. Potential customers will search for your site to see if your business is legitimate before they make a purchase, so a site that reflects your business well is a must-have. But, how do you know what to focus on for your company’s site? Here are our top 3 things that every small business’s site needs.

Start with the basics Whether you are an online retailer or a brick-and-mortar shop, your website needs to spotlight important information about your business. For online companies, customers should know how to contact you or purchase your products right away. For an in-person shop, they should easily find your address and hours of operation. Most importantly for all business types, make sure it is very clear what kind of business you are. The number of websites that are built that never give that basic information is astonishing!

Be contactable! One of the reasons that customers visit a business site is to get in contact. Depending on your business type, a contact page can look like a simple “contact us” form, or a phone number or email address. Another important addition is links to your business’s social media platforms. This is a great way for customers to find and follow your actual pages (and not something with a similar name) and can be a good connection point for future customer relationships.

Get personal It is common to have an “about us” page on your site, and it is a nice addition to a small business’ website so your customers can get to know you better. Customers love to know things about you like why you got into the business, or about your background and expertise. Letting your customers get a little insight into your “why” can help form a foundation of strong customer relationships which help a growing business start to thrive.

We aim to give our customers the best websites possible to help their businesses stand out online. If your website is ready for a refresh, contact us today to see what we can do for you!


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