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Understanding Special Ad Categories

Your business’ presence on social media like Facebook and Instagram is a vital part of your marketing strategy. For some businesses, such as Real Estate, special ad categories are a necessary step for placement and non-discriminatory practices.

ads are being rejected? We can help with special ad categories!

These categories were introduced by Facebook to provide additional protections for certain types of ads, such as those related to housing, employment, and credit. When selecting one of these categories, your ad will be subject to additional review and restrictions.

For example, ads in the housing category cannot target users based on age, gender, zip code, or multicultural affinity. While these restrictions may seem constricting, they’re in place to ensure that ads in these categories are fair and non-discriminatory.

Facebook has faced criticism in the past for allowing ads that violate fair housing laws, and the introduction of these special ad categories is a step toward addressing those concerns. If you are running ads in one of these categories, your ads may be rejected due to compliance issues with Facebook's policies and applicable laws.

Overall, the special ad categories on Facebook ads are an important tool for ensuring fairness and non-discrimination in advertising. TwinRose Services offers solutions to ensure that your ads reach the right audience in a way that is respectful and compliant. Connect with us today to add this service to your marketing strategy.


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